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Buch Metallessenzen

The Alchemistic Metal Essences

In alchemy, Metal Essences are regarded as the highest medicines, called Arcana, and have been produced according to old recipes dating back to Paracelsus and other great alchemists. In accordance with the so-called „signature teachings“ the seven classical planets have been related to certain metals, jewels (see the section about Jewel Essences) and plants. In addition to the well-known pairings of sun/gold and moon/silver, Metal Essences are related to the planets as follows: iron = Mars, copper = Venus, zinc = Mercury, pewter = Jupiter, and Vitriol = Saturn.
According to the alchemistic medical teachings, the well-being of body and mind and any mental and spiritual development basically depend on whether the human energy system (especially the chakras) vibrates in harmony with the highest planetary forces. Also, the seven principal organs, the seven large nervous plexuses and the seven principal glands of the human body need to be controlled by the seven planetary vibrations. Through the help of the high-level Metal Essences, harmonic resonance with the seven planets is reestablished.
So, on one hand, Metal Essences can be used for therapeutic purposes. On the other hand, they can be used as an assistance on the spiritual path: the path towards the „Inner Grail“, the path of inner alchemy and the so-called Light Body Process.
In producing these essences, natural metal compounds are liquefied in a secret manner by means of the supreme solvents of Alchemy, the so-called „Secret Fires“ like the „Philosophical Mercury“. The solution is then treated, destillated and energetically charged for many weeks. The finished elixir contains as a high Arcanum, that is, as supreme alchemistic medicine, „soul“, „spirit“ and the „purified material body“ of the metals – in short: all of their effective essence.



Aurum Potabile

Gold Essence (Aurum Potabile)

Planetary energy: Sun
Weekday: Sunday
Energy system: Root chakra, Heart chakra and Crown chakra
The gold essence „Aurum Potabile“, that famous „drinking-gold of the Alchemists“ and legendary life elixir, is being produced in accordance with the recipes of famous alchemists like Paracelsus and Isaac Hollandus.
Paracelsus wrote: „Of all Elixirs, Gold is supreme and the most important for us... gold can keep the body indestructible... Drinkable gold will cure all illnesses, it renews and restores.“ (Quoted according to: Paracelsus, Collected Works, vol. III, published by Aschner in 1930.)
Gold Essence imparts the life forces of the primordial male principle, the sun. Its themes are energy, stimulation, vitality, recovery, activation, creativity, confidence, organizational skills, and strengthening of the ego.
Effects of Gold Essence: The essence is related to the root chakra, to the sun (and sunday), as well as, on a secondary level, to the heart chakra and the crown chakra. According to the chakra teachings of the alchemists, through these chakras gold can harmonize the entire organism and increase the human energy level.
Measurements by the Life-Test Institute have demonstrated that especially the kidney and bladder meridians are being stimulated, which according to traditional Chinese Medicine is an increase of life energy in itself. This means that a person’s vitality and life-force are demonstrably strengthened. In addition, Gold Essence detoxicates and purges and in this way rebalances the “juices of the body”. It will remove heavy metals like mercury from dental fillings, ingested pollutants, drug residues and metabolic waste products. Naturopathy has demonstrated that through such detoxicating and clearing therapies all kinds of illnesses, especially the modern so-called “diseases of civilization”, can be influenced positively.
As an embodiment of the sun principle, gold also lightens the emotions and the spirit and heightens all mental powers. Therefore, Gold Essence is a cure for depression, can counterbalance moodiness and instil peace of mind.
The great alchemist-doctors used the Gold Essence of “Aurum Potabile” as a kind of life elixir – in that function it is employed solely in the morning or together with the “female” silver (“Argentum Potabile”), which would be taken in the evening, or together with the Jewel Rescue Drops or the Metal Rescue Electrum (these Rescue Mixtures would be employed at noon and in the evening).


Argentum Potabile

Silver Essence “Argentum Potabile”

Planetary energy: Moon
Weekday: Monday
Energy system: Spleen/Sexual-chakra
The Silver Essence “Argentum Potabile” is based on old recipes from Paracelsus and was used as a kind of life elixir. As a supreme alchemistic essence of silver, it imparts the life forces of the primordial female principle, the moon. Its themes are rhythm, regeneration, growth, receptivity, fertility, reproduction, and any constructive process in general.
Effects of Silver Essence: The Silver Essence is related to the spleen/sexual chakra, to the moon, and to Monday. According to the chakra teachings of the alchemists, this “energy centre” corresponds to the genitals, kidney and bladder, the entire system of water balance and the nervous system. In the course of treatment,
this chakra is stimulated and harmonized. Charisma, sexual attraction and receptivity
are strengthened, feeling is refined, and dreaming is stimulated.
In addition, Silver Essence can be used against menstruation disorders, sleep disorders, moodiness, to calm down the nerves, against feverish conditions, bacterial diseases, aginst viruses and parasites, in order to regulate the water balance in all mucous tissues and the skin (also as a skin tonic), and as a stimulant for dreaming.
As a basic energetic therapy and life elixir, Silver Essence would be taken solely in
the evening or together with the “male” gold, the “Aurum Potabile”, which would be
taken in the morning.

Platinum Essence

Platinum Essence „The Grounding Essence“

Key theme: Grounding, coming home
Chakra: Foot and knee chakras (position: middle of sole of foot, knee)
Planet energy: Ketu (moon’s descending node)
Chakra functions: By intensifying a person’s flow of earth energies, the chakras of foot and knee strengthen the energetically important connection between body, mind and spirit. Their vitalization and harmonization brings “high-flyers” and ”spaced-out people” back on the ground, nurtures the connection with collective elementary powers and archetypes and facilitates access to the power of one’s family and ancestors. Psychological stress related to themes of childbirth and motherhood is being harmonized. Rigidity of emotions and spirit is dissolved, an overall feeling of „coming home“ and „ groundedness“ is strengthened.
Energetic chakra resonances:
- relating to the nervous system: sciatic nerve, nerves of legs (e.g., calves, thighs)
- relating to organs: foot, knee and hip joints; blood vessels of legs

Antimony Essence

Antimony Essence „The Human Metal“

Key theme: purpose in life, boundlessness, unio mystica, higher self
Chakra: Neteru chakra, 8th chakra (position: about three inches above middle of top of head)
Planet energy: Rahu = moon’s ascending node (and „uplifted“ Saturn)
Chakra functions: The Neteru chakra regulates all energetic communication between spirit and Higher Self and so brings greater harmony to the interplay of body, spirit and mind. Harmonization and stimulation of the 8th chakra supports insight into structures of higher order and thus facilitates overcoming negative attitudes and manifesting higher spiritual qualities. It cultivates recognition of the meaning of life and one’s personal goal in life as well as the ability to separate the important from the unimportant.
Vitalizing the Neteru chakra facilitates drawing on the knowledge of the “Akashic Records”, the morphogenetic field of mankind, and thus enriching life with new ideas that are in harmony with the cosmos.
From an astrological point of view, antimony is also associated with an uplifted and redeemed Saturn. For Rudolf Steiner antimony was „the human metal“, as like no other metal it stands between heaven and earth like man and therefore is strongly analogous to his nature.
According to Steiner, antimony therefore has universal and all-embracing power for humans; in modern terms, it represents a kind of switchboard connecting with the morphogenetic matrix, one’s basic inherent “blueprint”.
For Paracelsus it contains „the highest and strongest arcanum of all minerals”... ”in it one finds the essentia which does not leave any impurities with the purities... if there is nothing healthy in the body it transforms the impure body into a pure body.“
As an energetic support it is especially helpful with overboiling processes like inflammations, allergies, rheumatism, with oedemas, concretions of “impurities” like dross, environmental toxins and other kinds of stagnation, as well as with infections and viral or bacterial diseases. In these cases it harmonizes the excessive energies and transforms dark into light.
Energetic chakra resonances:
- relating to the nervous system: entire nervous system
- relating to organs: entire brain


Iron Essence

Planetary energy: Mars
Weekday: Tuesday
Energy system: Solar plexus-chakra. The 3rd chakra corresponds to the digestive system, liver, gall-bladder, the blood formation and heat regulation
Application: Iron Essence supports dynamism, willpower, decisiveness as well as vitality and life energy. Stimulates sexual desire. Strengthens ones drive, supports the capability and willingness to learn and helps to meet challenges. Recommended in the case of energy imbalance and disturbance. These may result from instable blood pressure, loss of blood, weak immune system, infections with fever and inflammations, sore throat, inflammation of the larynx and generally all kind of chronic inflammation and acute allergies as well as headaches and muscular pain. Iron Essence

Zink Rubin-Sphalerite

Zinc Essence

Planetary energy: Mercury
Weekday: Wednesday
Energy system: Heart chakra. The 4th chakra corresponds to the heart and circulatory system, respiration, digestion and nervous system
Application: Zinc Essence helps to harmonize and integrate body, mind and spirit and opens the way to love, wisdom and strength of the heart. Supports the ability to be self-aware. Helpful for over-activity and excessive energy as well as emotional and mental tension which may result through shock and trauma. As a support in the case of a week immune system, poor healing of wounds, skin problems, gum bleeding, inflammation of eyes and ears, colds, muscular pain, fever, cramps, cramping cough as well as swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, tonsils or palate.


Tin Essence

Planetary energy: Jupiter
Weekday: Thursday
Energy system: Throat chakra. The 5th chakra corresponds to the water balance of the body, respiration, joints and bone structure of the body as well as liver and gall bladder
Application: Helps to increase creativity, power of speech, self-realization and ability to make contacts. Supports a sense of justice and ones natural authority. Helpful in the case of imbalance which may occur from improper water balance such as oedema or dehydration, constipation or diarrhoea. Helps to relieve energy disturbances in the event of rheumatism, joint problems, weakness of connective tissue and ligaments, obesity, gout, paralysis as well as complaints of liver and gall bladder.


Copper Essence

Planetary energy: Venus
Weekday: Friday
Energy system: Forehead chakra ("third eye"). The 6th chakra is connected to the sense organs and hormonal system, skin, kidneys and veins
Application: Helps to balance inner conflicts and harmonizes ones feelings jealousy, anger or arrogance. Strengthens intuition and the connection with ones sense of higher powers and helps to promote self-determination. Refines radiance. Copper generally supports detoxification on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Helpful for all disharmonies, which may occur due to insufficient excretion and detoxification in the case of kidney problems, varicose veins, disturbed metabolism, hair loss, sexual weakness, hormonal disturbance, states of fear or tension.


Vitriol Essence

Planetary energy: Saturn
Weekday: Saturday
Energy system: Crown chakra. The 7th chakra is connected to the nervous system and the brain
Application: Vitriol Essence deepens insight and realization, assists in mental and spiritual awakening and flexibility. Supports integration into the cosmic cycles which can help in the case of sleeping and menstruation disorders. To be used as a "meditation essence". Helpful in order to relieve blockages and dissolve hardening of all kind, be it rigid thinking, feeling or acting. Supportive for disharmonies, which may occur in the case of congestion in the body like stones in gall bladder or kidneys, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, oedema and lymph build-up.


Rescue Electrum of Metals

The essence "Rescue Electrum" is a mixture of all seven Metal Essences.
Application: As an energetic "first aid" it can be used in the event of all acute difficulties of body, mind and spirit. Since it has an harmonizing effect, it is helpful to use over an extended period of time in all chronic ailments. You may combine Rescue Electrum with the Rescue Essence of the Gems. Paracelsus, the famous physician and philosopher of the 16th century spoke highly of the power of the Electrum. In ancient Egypt, the Electrum, named "Asem", was highly appreciated. Most of the formulas of metal essences refer to the production and use of Electrum.

Treatment dosages:

A well established standard dosage is: 3-5 drops of each respective essence, up to three times a day

Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.

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